Top 9 Trends That Will Dominate the Australian Telecom Industry in 2021

The telecommunications industry in Australia is growing so fast. We saw how it grew to cater to the needs of customers in a more efficient way throughout 2020. We can expect that momentum to continue in 2021 as well. While keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at the top trends that will dominate the Australian telecom industry in 2021.

1. AI-backed conversational platforms

Artificial Intelligence is taking over numerous industries around the world, including telecommunications. In 2021, we will be able to see how telecommunications companies are developing AI-backed conversational platforms, which can deliver improved customer experiences. This will help the consumers to receive the benefits that come along with AI. AI-based platforms will play a major role in predictive maintenance and network optimization. On the other hand, we can also expect it to transform internet Australia with chatbots and virtual assistants in business communications. TelcoHQ have integrated 24/7 customer support with our machine learning chatbot. This chatbot has been trained to handle any request before bringing in a customer representative to take over the conversation and ensure the customer is taken care of.

2. Remote working with access to Business lines on mobiles

Remote working will be the new norm of working in Australia. If there was one major thing that COVID-19 taught businesses, it was that Working From Home is effective. Many businesses are shifting to virtual offices to allow for employees to be working from home or from anywhere in the country. We can expect some big changes to happen in the phone systems in Australia based on that. One such change would be making business lines available for people to access on their mobile phones. This would help people who work from their homes to access the business telephone system and get the benefits that come along with it. On the other hand, it would also facilitate the concept of virtual offices. Business SIP Trunks allow businesses to access their phone systems from anywhere in the world, as long as there is adequate broadband connection.

3. 5G rollover

5G Australia rollover will go to its next level during 2021. As of now, 5G is one of the highly discussed topics in the telecommunications industry. It is offering better bandwidth and reliable connectivity for the people. Australian telecommunication companies are investing billions of dollars on the 5G rollover. Therefore, people will be able to experience faster communications with better internet browsing. This would also facilitate numerous other applications such as the development of smart cities.

4. Remote collaboration

Along with the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations had to ask their employees to work from home. However, they were not ready for it at all. In fact, organizations had to face some major challenges with collaboration and communication when the employees are working remotely. We will be able to find a solution for this in 2021. That’s because the telecommunications companies are offering better services, which would benefit the collaboration and remote working. One of the best examples to prove this fact is call monitoring solutions, which offer a performance analysis, discreet listening, and real-time dashboards. Top-of-the-line Phone Systems and Video Conferencing by TelcoHQ Australia will also enable your business to be completely remote across the board.

5. Cloud based technologies

Businesses all around Australia are getting to know about the benefits that come along with cloud based solutions. Therefore, we can expect cloud services to become mainstream in 2021. One of the best things about cloud based solutions is that they are in a position to boost agility. This will help the businesses to minimize their dependencies on physical hardware. We can expect more cloud services to benefit businesses in 2021.

6. Cloud based phone systems

Along with the implementation of cloud based software applications, businesses will go ahead with using cloud based phone systems as well. These are a great alternative available for the traditional phone systems available out there. That’s because the cloud based phone systems offer convenient connectivity, along with enhanced collaborations. People will be able to overcome the challenges that they face with traditional phone systems with these cloud based phone systems. The best thing about cloud based phone systems is that they are in a position to deliver positive results to businesses in all industries.

7. Unified marketing tools

Businesses are understanding the importance of using unified tools for marketing and business management. This is the main reason why we can see how businesses are focusing more on getting ERP, helpdesk, and CRM tools. Along with the help of these tools, businesses will be able to track their project lifecycles and customer lifecycles efficiently. These phone systems can also benefit the applications of IoT. In 2021, we will be able to see how unified communications and marketing tools would be fueled up with remote working.

8. Big data

All businesses out there in Australia have a massive volume of data collected with them. In 2021, we can expect them to take their big data initiatives to the next level so that they will be able to get the most out of available data. This will be facilitated by the rapid expansion of the telecommunications industry. That’s because the connected devices would be generating a massive volume of data. By analyzing these data in the correct way, it will be possible for businesses to take their business ventures to the next level.

9. Enhanced focus on digital security

Telecommunications providers will also focus more on digital security in the future. That’s mainly because they are switching to cloud and open technologies as of now. Without focusing on cybersecurity and data integrity, it would not be possible for them to cater to the client’s expectations on security. Hence, we can expect the telecommunications companies to invest heavily in security throughout 2021.


Keep these trends that are revolutionizing the Australian telecommunications sector. Based on these, we can expect to receive better returns coming on our way in the near future. If you have any questions regarding telecommunications, phone systems, or business systems feel free to contact TelcoHQ at anytime.

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