Deciding on the Right TelcoHQ Phone System for Your Small Business

As a small scale business owner, you should focus on taking your business to the next level at all times. This is never an easy thing to do as you will have to focus on numerous important aspects. The business phone system used by your business holds a prominent place out of them. This is where you should go through the available phone systems and get the best one out of them for your business. TelcoHQ will be able to help you on that.

Why should your small business have a good phone system?

As a small business Sydney, you can experience multiple benefits by having a phone system. For example, it will help you to streamline all communications and get work done efficiently. You will never have to deal with any challenges, whether you are trying to get in touch with your customers or employees. Everyone will be able to maintain excellent communications, and make sure that no miscommunications would take place.

If you can get a PBX phone system for your small business Australia, you will get the opportunity to save time and money as well. That’s because everyone can access the phone system on the cloud and get work done easily. You can easily set up the phone system, and it would grow along with your business. On the other hand, you can gain access to numerous advanced features, which will help you with getting the maximum out of the phone system.

One of the greatest benefits of phone systems is that it can simplify communications of your small business. Whether you need to have collaboration tools such as conference calling or call management tools such as call forwarding, the phone system can benefit you. TelcoHQ can help your business with experiencing all these benefits. You just need to make sure that you are getting the right phone system for your business from what is available at TelcoHQ.

How to find the best TelcoHQ phone system for your business?

There are two main phone systems offered by TelcoHQ for the small business owners in Australia as of now. Let’s take a quick look at these two phone systems and pick the best one out of them.

1: Yealink

Yealink phone systems are designed for busy professionals and executives. Therefore, you don’t have to think twice before you get this phone system for your business. Along with the phone system, you can expect to receive a variety of outstanding benefits as well. 


Another great thing about Yealink phone system is that it is relatively easy to use. There are multiple products available for you to purchase. You can go through the different phones and pick the best one out of them as per your needs. You can get advanced technologies with the available phones, which will assist you with getting things done efficiently.


For example, you can configure a night mode after purchasing the Yealink phone system. This is where you will be able to accept calls from customers only during work hours. If you want to ring multiple users at the same time, you have the chance to do it with Yealink as well. Moreover, you will be able to use number porting features that come along with Yealink in order to transfer the existing phone number to any PBX system located out there in the world.


Caller ID is one of the most helpful features that you can get along with Yealink. It will show the name and number of the person who is calling. The name will show only if the number is saved on your phonebook. On the other hand, this phone system can help you with experiencing the benefits that come along with voicemail to email services as well. To experience all these benefits, you can go through the selection of Yealink phones and pick the best one out of them.

2. iPECS

The iPECS phone systems are quite popular among small scale businesses located in Australia. If you are trying to get the benefits that come along with a business phone system to your business, you can go ahead with iPECS without keeping a doubt in mind. There are multiple options available for you to select in the iPECS phone systems, and you just need to pick the best one out of them. 


Out of the available iPECS phone systems, the iPECS USP 100/600 phone system is the most popular. Instead of calling this as a traditional phone system, you can think about calling it as a perfect example for a unified communications platform. Your organization will be able to get the maximum benefits that would come along with it. That’s because it supports effective collaboration and communication. You and your team can be extremely productive with the support offered out of iPECS phone systems.


Before you take a look at iPECS phone systems, you will come across the need to understand all the great features that come on your way as well. Some of the best features of the iPECS phone system include mobile extension, IP attended, personal groups, and integrated auto attendant features. On the other hand, iPECS can deliver automatic call distribution, centralized voice mail, email notifications on calls, and web based call back support. You can easily unify your business communications by purchasing the right iPECS phone system.


Now you have a good understanding about the phone systems that are offered by TelcoHQ. If you want to experience the benefits that come along with these phone systems, you just need to go through what is available and pick the best one. TelcoHQ will even guide you to locate the best phone system available out there for your business as of now. Hence, you can go through the options available and pick the best one without keeping any doubts in mind. It will provide you the chance to experience all benefits as stated above.

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