Chipset delay puts new NBN HFC orders on ice

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NBN Co is to stop taking orders for new hybrid fibre coaxial (HFC) services due to a global shortage of the necessary chips.


From 2 February, retail service providers (RSPs) will no longer be able to order HFC connections for customers at least for “several months”. 


Meanwhile, the broadband builder is also looking at delaying disconnection dates for legacy services, although it will make provisions for any vulnerable customers. 


The order suspension comes due to a global shortage of chipsets used in NBN HFC network termination devices.  


“Due to heightened global consumer demand as a result of COVID-19, there has been increased pressure on silicon foundries, which has, in turn, impacted the manufacture and supply of the integrated chips that are used across various industries, including the telecommunications industry,” NBN Co said in a statement. 


NBN Co stressed the change would not affect customers already possessing HFC connections, as well as new customers connecting to the NBN via technologies other than HFC.


“We apologise to new customers that may be affected by this global supply chain issue and the anticipated delays. While this issue only affects a small number of potential customers that we anticipated would connect to NBN via HFC, relative to the large number of customers already on HFC, and indeed the entire NBN network, we appreciate that for those impacted this is frustrating,” said Brad Whitcomb, NBN Co’s chief customer officer.

Thomas Averson

Thomas Averson

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