So Connect

Get found and chosen online

So Connect

Get found and chosen online

Local Business Listings

Step 1: Update your information

Keep everything updated in our dashboard, including your opening hours and holiday schedules. 

Step 2: Spread the word

One click saves your update and spreads it across the internet. We offer unmatched distribution to search engines, social media, review sites, apps, maps and more.

Step 3: Welcome more customers

Accuracy matters. It improves your ranking so more people find and choose you. And less show up at the wrong time. 

Review & Reputation management

Step 1: Read & Respond

We collect and categorize reviews by topic, tone, and response. Know what they think of you and respond directly from our dashboard.

Step 2: Boost your ranking

Reviews help identify areas for future improvements. And simply responding to them will raise your ranking on review sites.

Step 3: Get new reviews

Check in with your customers by asking for direct feedback by email. Then invite satisfied visitors to write reviews on their favourite websites.


Start getting found online

Super easy to use, white-label, digital tools for your local business customers, that empowers them to win online.


Whether it’s updating your online location information on all platforms in one go, taking control over your online reputation, generating new reviews, or optimizing your website for SEO, SO Connect provides the perfect digital tools for your local business customers, which will bring them instant results, traffic, calls, website visitors, new reviews, and customers.

Website Optimizer

Step 1: Making your website found

We can your website, update your sitemap and automatically index it on search engines.

Step 2: Fix bugs

We check your website for fails and let you fix most things within a few clicks.

Step 3: Rankings

We show your ranking by search engines on the keywords that matter most to you.

Step 4: Real-time alerts

We also alert you when your website is down or has a security leak.

WIFI Marketing

Step 1: Offer free Wi-Fi

Our plug-&-play router works with your existing internet connection to provide free, secure Wi-Fi for your customers. No other hardware or installation is required.

Step 2: Collect contact info

Customers log onto your Wi-Fi with their email address or social account. Our system stores and protects this data for you in full compliance with the latest regulations.

Step 3: Stay in touch

Our dashboard lets you plan and automate messages like birthday wishes, menu changes, or seasonal offers. Set it and forget it!

The SoConnect products allow your business to have a stronger presence online. Your website, social media and reviews all need to be easily found via Google. Not only is it important to get found online, it should be made easy for you to respond, gather and read all the reviews and information you see online. SoConnect allows this, so you can focus on other areas of your business while the online platforms are taken care of. 


If you have any questions regarding the SoConnect software, our TelcoHQ team would be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.