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TelcoHQ Australia has an array of different plans that will suit your business needs. Whether you’re a small business or large company, we are able to provide you with the best plan to support your growing business.

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Connecting Australia, with 1300 & 1800 inbound

1300 and 1800 are Inbound phone numbers that establishes brand recognition and reputation for your company. The TelcoHQ 1300 and 1800 phone numbers make it easier for your customers to get a hold of you and do business with you. It provides your customers with one single phone number to reach you on no matter where you are in Australia. 

Inbound phone numbers provide your business with a professional identity and help simplify your customers’ phone experience. 

TelcoHQ, offering the best Inbound phone plans

TelcoHQ Australia offers variations of plans that will allow you to transform your business into accepting phone calls via 1300 or 1800 inbound calls. 


There are many benefits of using 1300 or 1800 Inbound phone numbers for your business. They not only provide professionalism for your brand, but they allow you to have higher control over your phone calls. You can customise your greeting message and route calls based on the call flow throughout the day. This ensures that you are reducing wait times for customers and encourages fast communication to those that need it. 


1300 & 1800 Inbound numbers also increase the chances of a potential customer becoming a warm lead for your business. Research has shown that businesses with 1300 or 1800 numbers have an increased likability and professionalism. Customers are more likely to call a business with a professional number, over a business without one. 


TelcoHQ Australia 1300 & 1800 Inbound phone calls also provide the customer with call reports, analytical usage data and important information, which allows you to gain insights into every portion of your business. 


TelcoHQ Australia provides the best plans with the most cost effective prices for your business. We also provide our customers with exceptional service and customer support, meaning you can stop stressing about little things and start focusing on growing your flourishing business. 

Kombi Limousines | TelcoHQ Australia

“Trying to choose a new telecommunications provider in this space is very hard, Clint from TelcoHQ managed to reduce our monthly phone bill and upgrade all of our hardware to the latest and greatest tech. We are stoked!”


Operations Manager,
Kombi Limousines

Toucan Coffee, TelcoHQ Australia

“Our business has just made the change to TelcoHQ after a painful experience with previous providers. The team installed an Ipecs system and Fibre connection which has delivered a massive improvement to Internet speed. Thank You TelcoHQ”

Nick Francis

Managing Director, Toucan Coffee Roasters

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